This website contains a number of in-depth analyses as well as commentaries that may offer opinions.  Their difference is similar to a newspaper’s news and editorial sections.  This “Research-Analysis” page provides an alphabetical listing of in-depth research report Titles.

Health reform will cost more in the short-term and some analyses looked at funding these initiatives.  Then in 2011, congressional focus shifted to deficits including spending cuts and revenue sources. With this increased focus, this page now separates analyses dealing with general financial issues and healthcare related issues.

You may also click on “Analyses” under Quick Overview in the column at left to display summaries of these in-depth research reports in date-descending order.  Click on desired Title to view full report. Titles in Bold indicate Charts and Graphs included in report.

Analyses – General & Financial Issues

Income Disparity and Sources of Income

Inequality of Wealth and Income

Inequality of Wealth and Income – Paged

New York Times Deficit Reduction Puzzle

Senate Filibusters Reveal Deliberate Obstruction

Worsening Inequality of Wealth and Incomes

Analyses – Healthcare Related Issues

Exchange Fix Stabilizes and Restores “Affordable” to Affordable Care Act

ACA Exchanges – Not All Are Competitive

Affordable Care Act – Table of Contents

Cost and Access to Healthcare

Democrats “Steal” Republican Reform Ideas

DRG Summary for Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment Hospitals

Exchange Fix Stabilizes and Restores “Affordable” to Affordable Care Act

Fact Check – Lines of Business Obscure Profit Margins

Government Medical Spend Forecasts

Healthcare Bill – Initial Reforms

Healthcare Reform Pro-n-Con Summary

Healthcare Reform Pro-n-Con

Highlights for ACA Reinsurance Fix

Individual Healthcare Mandate Was a Republican Idea

Health Care Reform – Accountable Care Organizations

Insurers’ Efforts to Shift Admin Costs to Medical Costs

Insurers Hide Profitability Behind Return on Sales

Key Healthcare Provisions – Fortune Magazine

Key Healthcare Provisions – Kaiser Foundation

McAllen & El Paso Texas – The Cost Conundrum

Medical Loss Ratio

Medical Malpractice

Medical Quality Activities

Medicare – Fewer Benefits or Less Waste

Medicare Trends

Nixon Comprehensive Health Plan

Non-Partisan CBO Estimates of Health Care Reform

Observations on Healthcare Reform

Rationing or Waste in Health Care

Response to Essential Health Benefits Bulletin

Selected Financial Ratios

Senate Gridlock – the Filibuster Factor Update

Senate Gridlock – the Filibuster Factor

Who Should Help Pay for Healthcare Reform

Words Have Consequences

World Healthcare Spend % of GDP

World Quality Compare


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