New York Times Deficit Reduction Puzzle

There has been much talk about deficit reduction as of late.  Now deficits are affected by both spending and revenue receipts. One of the big spending items is government health care programs.  The puzzle below shows a number of components of both spending and receipts that one can adjust and see the effect on deficits.

In November, 2010, two columnists from the New York Times, David Leonhardt and Bill Marsh created an on-line interactive Deficit Reduction Puzzle wherein the user can select from a list of spending reduction items and revenue raising items to visually see their impact on the deficit.  This author has created an Excel spreadsheet version of this puzzle that further separates the deficit reduction effects into the two components as shown in the screen shot below.

New York Times Puzzle to Tackling the Deficit

Tackling The Deficit Puzzle from the New York Times

While only a sample of items are shown above, the actual puzzle includes all the options from the NY Times puzzle for both reducing spending and raising revenue.

Download Microsoft Excel Puzzle >>> NYT Deficit Reduction Excel Puzzle