This website contains a number of in-depth analyses as well as commentaries that may offer opinions.  Their difference is similar to a newspaper’s news and editorial sections.  This “Commentary” page provides an alphabetical listing of editorial or opinion research report Titles.

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Affordable Care Act – Contents

Affordable Care Act Revisited

Attacks Can’t Obscure Health Law’s Valuable Benefits

Comment in New York Times on Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans

Consider Having two Insured Groups

Fact Check – Provider Consolidation Driving Up Costs

Fact Check – Put health plan profits in perspective

For every 100 people …

Government Bureaucracy?

Government Takeover of Insurance?

High and Lowdown of Medicare Costs

Individual Mandate not necessary – But will you like the alternative?

Leapfrog Group Rates Hospitals

MSNBC misses on Medicare reforms

Stroger Hospital 11/02/2009 Chicago Press Conference

Surgical “Check Lists” improve quality, lower costs

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know


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