Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

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You know the good features in the Affordable Care Act. You know Republicans want to repeal it.  Fine, so “tell me something I don’t know”.


For instance, did you know that Nixon proposed a comprehensive health reform plan in 1974, or that Republicans countered Clinton’s health reform with their own in ‘93? What were some of their reforms?

Start with the ever-popular individual mandate. Republicans were strongly for it. Now they are solidly against it.  Banning exclusions due to pre-existing conditions?  They were for that before they were against it.   Continue reading

Comment in New York Times on Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans

On March 17, 2011, TARA PARKER-POPE wrote an article titled New Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans that are part of the Affordable Care Act.  She notes:

“Pre-existing condition insurance plans, mandated by the new health care law, opened for business last July, but many consumers still have no idea they exist, reports Walecia Konrad in this week’s Patient Money column.”

Mr. Kurz responded with comments on some guides through the legal labyrinth for obtaining individual health insurance.