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Who is Andrew Kurz

The primary author of these articles is Andrew Kurz, a former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Wisconsin. Prior to that he had 16 years of managerial and executive level experience in the international oil industry.

In the years prior to his retirement, he was Solutions Architect for Oracle Corporation where he helped major clients deconstruct complicated enterprise problems into manageable components, and then developed solutions for those issues. He applies those skills to deconstruct complex health care issues and through widespread use of graphs and charts, to explain trends and conclusions not immediately evident in the raw data.

His extensive research into health care reform issues has been recognized and he has been quoted for his analyses, statistical charts, and insights into reform efforts.

Mr. Kurz’s degrees include a B.A. in Mathematics (St. Mary’s University), M.S. in Industrial Administration (Purdue University) and Executive Program in Business Administration (Columbia University)

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