Individual Healthcare Mandate Was a Republican Idea

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There has been much controversy about the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA or ACA) that became law in 2010.  Some concern is over how it was passed, though that is more about form than substance.

Regarding substance, critics have claimed that this is a government takeover of healthcare and an over-reach into private affairs.  One item getting particular attention is a mandate that all people buy health insurance or pay a fine. Some, including judges, say this is unconstitutional, others say it is not.  Insurers are not happy either, not because there is a mandate, but because the mandate does not go far enough to deter potential abuse.

The purpose of this analysis is not to debate whether the ACA is unconstitutional or an over-reach into private affairs. Its purpose is to highlight that much of ACA was actually promoted and supported by Republicans in years past.  In some respects, Democrats “stole” Republican ideas, not once, but twice. Continue reading